We rise by lifiting others

With people all over the globe placing great emphasis on the holistic development of students, focus on values education and character building is gaining a lot of traction – and very rightly so. It is the attitude you possess, the values you encompass, and the beliefs you hold that play a pivotal role in determining your life trajectory.


Values like empathy, honesty, solidarity, and respect are fundamental to living in harmony. Knowledge of social and moral issues like gender inequity, peer pressure, and mental health are of immense significance for social progress. A report by the World Health Organisation estimates that 56 million people suffer from depression in India and another 38 million suffer from anxiety disorders. 90 percent of teens report having experienced peer pressure at some or the other point in their school lives.

Such pressing topics thus must be given the level of attention they deserve. Essential values and social issues should be taught with the level of expertise that they require.


Teaching young students about such concepts in great depth can help shape their mindset in ways that enable them to become future thinkers, leaders, and problem-solvers. Through well-organized value-based education, we can develop budding students into adults with astute character and values – adults who know how to utilize their knowledge for the betterment of humankind.